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Welcome to the future of on-line training.  Based on our successful road seminar series, we produced the industry's first exclusive RF Safety DVD video training program in 2005. Now, it is time to step it up one more notch and take the seminar on-line. 

"RF Safety LIVE! II- Webinar"  contains key elements of our one day class and video training program. As a webinar you get the benefit of training with a live instructor without the costs of travel and time lost.  Reduced class size and valuable on-line training materials increase the value of this new medium.  Registration and attendance is simple. Order your seat(s) below for the date and webinar desired. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions and course materials. On the date and time of the webinar, simply click the link in the confirmation email and and sign-in. 

After the webinar, you will be sent the link for on-line testing. Simply answer the questions and submit. Upon successful completion, an electronic  training certificate will arrive by email for printing.  

Note that there is no cost to you for using GoToMeeting® to attend our seminar.  We pay the fees.  If you choose to call into the class on your telephone your usual per minute charges will apply. If you use VoIP (USB headset preferred) there is no additional charge.   


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Seminar: RFS-WEB-2B  RF Safety LIVE! Webinar  (2 hour course)

 RF Safety Basics
 Regulatory Brief - FCC
 Regulatory Brief - OSHA
 Antenna Basics
 MPE Math
 Health Considerations
 RF Safety Signs
 RF Site Compliance

Cost: $129 per seat 

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Thur, Feb 20, 2014 10:00am to 12 Noon (CST)  022014-10

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