DCI Marketing

The marketing division works with clients to help them establish a sales force in the field or enhance the performance and results of the force that is in place. Through its extensive contacts within the independent rep network in the wireless and land mobile radio industries, DCI has the experience and knowledge to get the job done.  

Presentations are available to assist in training factory personnel in understanding the elements of a successful field sales force.

We have worked the rep business from the inside, outside, and all the edges. Having acted as both a manufacturer and a successful rep organization, we understand the business and know what it takes to make it work. 

Our consulting activities range from conducting in-house training to turnkey rep development and contracting.  Our network of professional rep companies gives us the ability to deploy a field sales force on a very short timeline.

Check out our video production "Working With Reps #101"


DCI Professional Consulting

We see our consulting activities as a way to help manufacturers

reach their goals by applying our knowledge and experiences.

Our single goal is to help our clients succeed. Whether our 

services are needed on an hourly basis, daily rate, or retainer

contract, we perform our duties in a professional and confidential manner.

It has been said that consultants will borrow your watch to tell you the time! 

We understand our position and our responsibilities. 

We always keep mindful of the clock and the fact that it is ticking. 

When the time is being purchased by a client, we do our best to obtain

very proficient results no differently than if the time was our own. 

We fully understand that time is money. 

Outsourcing a consultant's time can be a very efficient tool to reach

goals and keep the train on the tracks. The key benefit is the fact

that we are a variable expense that can be activated as needed and

only a phone call away. 

Consulting Services
Rep Establishment Rep Management
Field Training Video Training
Key Order Tracking Market Surveys
Sales Training Rep Training
Rep Evaluations Trade Show Assistance

Career in Brief:

1974-1980   King Radio, Director of Field Training

1980-1982   Audio Visual Systems, Sales Manager/Engineer

1982-1984   Communications Magazine, Editor

1984-1988   Celltronics, Vice President of Sales (Neutec, Trilectric, Neulink divisions)

1988-1990   Celltronics, President (Neutec, Trilectric, Neulink, RF Industries divisions)

1990-2001   DCI, President*

2001-2002   RSI Corp, Sales Manager/Instructor

2002-2003   SmarTrunk Systems, Vice President

2003-            DCI, President


* DCI Activities:

Produced CommShoptm LMR System Design Software.

Acted as Manufacturer's Representative for numerous companies such as: Motorola Test Equipment, Antenex, Ritron, SDI, Cadex, Dispatch Products, Narda, Chase Systems, Amrel and AvReps Int'l.

We promise to work hard and will always try to exceed the client's expectations.

Feel free to give us a call today to discuss a particular project.

Sincerely, Steve Lemons