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July 28, 2015 7p

I am still working on the final post to Vic's website. The typing always gets interrupted by tears that insist. The copy really tells the story of how God's blessings were hurled at us in her final weeks. Even though I have had my angry moments with God, the bottom line is he gave her the healing that so may prayed to happen. Through the months that have followed I have continued to see God's hand (and maybe even Vicky's) in shaping my future. God is good and I have asked for his forgiveness for my angry moments with Him. 


Her Nursing Scholarship Fund reached $10,000 and Humane Society hit $500 


Apr 26, 2015 1p 

Posted this on facebook yesterday and thought it appropriate here:


Vic would just say, ďthe bigger the horse the tighter the cinch on the spursĒ. She knew from 2003 that there was not a horse for a cure but she cinched them on and started riding. At first she rode fast and stayed very tight to the center of the ring. As time passed, the horses lasted longer and longer and the ride became fairly easy. Each time the horse would tire, she would just jump astride the next and keep going. In 2012 the ride got harder as the horses had to get bigger and stronger to stay ahead. By September of 2014, she had to cinch the spurs tighter than ever and start riding multiple horses in order to keep up pace with the race. She had to ride with more and more difficulties. I tried my best to keep fresh horses at the ready and rode alongside as best I could. In the end, she could see I could not keep up and the race was nearing an end. She simply climbed down, laid beside me on the ground and looked up to heaven. As I held her she reached down and loosened the spurs.




















Mar 29, 2015 5p

Vicky would be so pleased with the outpouring of support for her Scholarship Fund at over $7,000  and Humane Society Fund at $500

Thank You to all that donated! 

We will post updates and more information as soon as I get more of this mountain of paperwork handled. 

Mar 6, 2015 9a 

Vic's funeral service will be 10a Tuesday, March 10 at First Christian Church, Fairfield.

Visitation will be from 4p to 7p at the church on March 9.

Memorials, in lieu of flowers (which Vic thought were a waste) may be made to the "Vicky Lemons - Scholarship", or "Vicky Lemons - Humane Society". Checks may be mailed to our address or Johnson & Vaughan Funeral Home will collect them at the church. 

Mar 5, 2015 7a

I was tasked with the job of handing my precious Vicky to God at 8:05a yesterday morning in a comfort room at St. Mary's hospital in Evansville. She was in my arms when she took her last breath and while she had been unresponsive since mid-morning on Tuesday, she knew I was holding her and kissing her sweet head. She was weak for a month before the end, but could manage getting around until Tue morning when I tried to get her up to get her dressed to go to the onco. She could not sit up straight in bed and could not stand without being helped. I called the ambulance in fear of a stroke and the ER transferred her to Evansville. Her platelets were at 3 and her hemoglobin was 5. A head CT scan showed a small bleed in the brain. After consultation with Vicky's long time oncologist, the decision was made that even if we could revive her with transfusions, the baseline of her health was so poor that she would not greatly change the outcome some time sooner than later. I knew Vicky's feelings and decisions about the end of her Life and the desire to not perform heroic measures. I made every decision, and continue, based on "What would Vicky want".  We placed her in comfort care and made sure that she would not suffer. Dr. Stephens, admitted her and stayed on as her attending so that he could care for her in the last days. 

My prayers are that she quickly returns as my angel so that I can fill the void that opened the instant that she passed. What a blessing this lady was to so many Lives and what a distinct pleasure I was granted to care for her the last months of her Life. She had run a hard race but the disease built up a series of hurdles that caught her in a race to fight one after the other and around late January her body started to take over her will of mind. As I held her all night before she passed I recollected so many little details that started to tell the story that she had made a decision after seeing her onco on Feb 24. Due to the liver disease, the sodium level, the iron overload, and the progression of the cancer, she knew that her mind was slipping. Her delegation of daily decisions to me and her continued decline in strength were the triggers that put her decision in motion. She, and not the disease, would determine the end. I believe that she allowed her body to rest and quit the fight. Her decision was not for her comfort alone but for those around her. She looked at the facts, said "it is what it is...deal with it" to herself and moved on. Her faith was strong and she knew her destiny and eternity. God, Thank You for placing her in my Life!  May she rest in peace. 

  Vicky Sue Lemons - Dec 20, 1955 to Mar 4, 2015


Feb 25, 2015 4p

In prep to get chemo yesterday, Vic had labs drawn here so that by the time we got to onco's office in Evansville, he would have her numbers. Hemo came back at 6.4 which is critically low so 3 units of blood were ordered for our return from chemo. Vic did start a new chemo drug mixture yesterday. The Abraxane had become ineffective in stopping the disease from harming the liver and the lab numbers confirmed that the liver was the latest Whack-A-Mole target. The new drugs are Gemzar and Carboplatin. They have been around for over 30 years and are still a go-to drug for triple negative cancers (ER-, PR- and HER2-). Most other drug options are processed in the liver and with Vic's compromised liver they would be a problem. Iron issue is still looming, along with the low sodium, and tanked hemoglobin. Vic is down 10 pounds in the last two weeks so there is not any time to wait for Vic's body to get any more ready so in goes the drugs. Vic spent today at the hospital getting blood transfusion and unfortunately all the iron that comes with it. She will stay on the Exjade to tackle the iron overload and have chemo once a week for two weeks then off a week then repeat. Vic's spirits are better now that a new plan is in place. Please keep praying for her to get a chance to fight just one mole...not one after the other. She has been off work since Feb 12 but plans to work next week. It's crunch time and God is welcome and invited to intervene and do what we can't.   

Feb 23, 2015 5p 

Vic went to work for a few hours today just to take the 'ol bod out for a test drive. She came home mid-afternoon and hit the hay. She is really tired but her labs have been showing somewhat stable hemoglobin hovering around 8. In the old days, hemo at 8 was a red flag to go get a blood transfusion, but since she is already way overloaded with iron, she is trying to hold off getting more blood until absolutely necessary. We head to the oncologist tomorrow to go over the game plan as Vic seems to be stuck in this fatigue mode. I suspect that a change in chemo is in the wings. More after the meeting tomorrow. Please keep praying as Vic has been running on fumes and even the fumes are thinning.  

Feb 19, 2015 Noon 

Sorry for the delay but have been busy here keeping 24/7 watch. Today is day 8 of sleep for Vic with about 18 hours a day. Last Fri she slept 24 of 27 hours. The fatigue from the iron overload appears to be textbook. The Exjade seems to be doing its job, albeit slowly, as Vic feels that the pressure of her enlarged liver is lessened. Her heart is also enlarged as a result of the iron which gives her a real pounding if she gets any exertion. Overall she is improving but unable to work this week and unable to have chemo last week or this week. Her body will just not take the extra kick. She had one unit of blood on the 15th and is holding off to not get any more until mandatory as each unit of blood comes with more iron. Her hemo was 7.9 yesterday and platelets were 62. Now, just as the Exjade seems to be working, her sodium level is low (124) which can be very serious causing water pressure in her skull. She is trying to reduce her water intake to allow the sodium to rise but that plays havoc with her nausea as the Exjade cocktail is a strong drug and upsets the esophagus and stomach. She will retest labs on Fri to see what is going on. If she cannot get the sodium level under control she will be hospitalized for IV infusions. Please keep praying! Vic is remarkably strong but even a nail starts to rust when exposed to harsh elements for 11 years. Her body is really small and weak from all the sleep and little appetite but she will get past this hurdle and get back on track. Once she feels better she will tackle the task, but right now her body is making the calls. 

Feb 10, 2015 5p 

CT scan this morning showed enlarged liver as we knew but luckily it did not show any new disease involvement. One of the lab tests for iron level (ferritin) came back Monday morning at 2211.5 which is way way higher than a normal high of 180. Yep, I fell out of my chair too. Somehow Vic went a long time before anyone ran this test even though it is very common to test this when a patient is receiving regular blood transfusions as each unit carries a high level of iron. Vic is taking an oral cocktail of Exjay drug mixed with orange juice every day now for months. This chelation therapy should remove the excess iron. Hopefully within a few weeks the liver will return to normal and the Vic can get back in the groove. She is feeling pretty good but has a hard time breathing due to the enlarged liver and the iron level causes extreme fatigue, rapid heart rate, and exhaustion. The doctor feels that Vic is at a crucial point and caution is the order of the day. In order to allow her to recover she will skip this week's chemo. Vic will work when she can and we are packed and ready to magically appear at Evansville hospital should anything pop up. Today was a good day. Thank You for the prayers. This journey has it's turns and bumps but it is certainly easier when we are not traveling alone. God is Good. Do what you can...and God will do what you can't.   

Feb 8, 2015 3p

Well, it seems like if it's Sunday, it's transfusion day. Vic woke up at 6a and realized, as she was getting ready for church, that today was going to be a repeat of so many Sundays. Hemo was 6.6 and platelets 40. Today's order will be 3 units. Platelets being low has us concerned. We do know that chemo always kicks them down but we also know that something is going on that is not good.  All of this will add to the importance of Tuesdays meeting with the oncologist. This is all beginning to take its toll. Today Vic will hit 56 total units of blood which has taken about 180 hours to transfuse. The human body holds about 10 units. Vic's spirits were lifted a bit when Kendall and Ryan brought Kylie by for a quick visit after church. Vic was careful to not get too close but that punim is just too cute to resist. Kylie looked at Vic for the longest time trying to figure out why she was bald. (Vic usually wears a cap.) Hope to have Vic home by 8p tonight.

Please keep the prayers going! Our Sunday school teacher sent Vic a verse by text message today that was very appropriate: Philippians 4:6-7  Living Bible 

6 Donít worry about anything; instead, pray about everything; tell God your needs, and donít forget to thank him for his answers. 7 If you do this, you will experience Godís peace, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand. His peace will keep your thoughts and your hearts quiet and at rest as you trust in Christ Jesus.

Feb 6, 2015 Noon

If I could ignore today's post, I would. But, this is not a choice if I am to keep Vicky's friends up to date with the facts. Sugar coating the journey is not an option. So, yesterday at onco for chemo Vic's labs came back and showed elevated liver numbers as did the physical exam show enlargement. I have hopes that the enlargement and labs are a result of the Neupogen injections or increased iron levels due to 53 units of transfused blood. Whatever the case, a CT of the abdomen has been ordered for next Tuesday at 7am with a follow-up visit with doctor at noon. There goes a restful weekend. The platelet count was down to 70 but with port surgery, transfusion, Neupogen, and likely delayed chemo effect, the number is not really a concern this one time. This road has bumps. Some are big enough to knock out a few tears and others are barely noticed. This one sits between the two mostly due to the continual occasion of bump after bump.  Please keep Vicky in your prayers as she keeps plowing ahead but each bump adds to the tiresome journey. I pray for some smooth pavement and the warmth of blue skies! She did have chemo yesterday and made it home in time for online classes.  

Feb 2, 2015 4p 

Crap....just as we were all excited to be able to go to church yesterday, Vic's energy tanked so off we go to hospital. Labs confirmed what she felt as hemo was 6.7 so 2 units of blood were ordered. The nurse heard a slight crackle in her lower left lung which would indicate fluid so they had to run her transfusion at 3.5 hours per bag....long day. We got home at 9:30p. 

She was up and off to work this morning and is feeling pretty good except for watery eyes, head congestion, sore chest from surgery, tired, and sore joints. So....a pretty good day as she is at work and doing what she loves. Maybe church next Sunday. Chemo is Thursday. 

Jan 31, 2015 7a

Team Platelets scores BIG! As Vic's veins in her right arm are wearing out she needed to get on with having a port implanted to use for labs, chemo, and transfusions. At the moment her platelets rose high enough last week she scheduled the surgery and yesterday her platelets hit 107! Not a normal 140+ but just over the threshold that kept her from having platelets pushed during surgery. The procedure went great. She insisted on little to no pain meds as she hates the groggy feeling later and she wanted to watch everything...to make sure they did it right...haha...but true. The IV sedation nurse gave her a quarter dose and on they went. Her temp was sitting around 100 to 101 while at the hospital yesterday but once home and on Tylenol and Kippy therapy, it went down to normal during the night. The Neupogen did it's job and her white blood count jumped to 6.4! This was exactly in time to help her fight any infection. 


Procedure took about an hour with no complications. She has a pretty good bruise near her right clavicle where the catheter was pushed in. There are about a dozen stitches inside to hold the cath and port in place. The surgeon said she didn't bleed any more than normal. She will be laying low and not lifting anything on the right side over the weekend. Monday she will be at work on regular activity. Her hemo was a bit low but hopefully she will make enough blood to keep from having a transfusion this round. Chemo will be this Thursday. Thanks for all the prayers! Please keep them coming. God is Good!  

Jan 29, 2015 6p 

Vic is plugging along and worked every day this week. Her eyes water most of the time and she has had unusually strong nosebleeds the last few days. Turns out, one of the side effects of the Neupogen is nosebleeds.....oh how fun. She is scheduled to have surgery in Evansville tomorrow at 1p to have port installed. If her platelets are low, they may choose to go ahead but run platelets before and during procedure. She really needs this port as her right arm is worn out. Please keep her in your prayers tomorrow afternoon. 

Jan 23, 2015 1p

Holy Cow....incredible news....with a small caveat...Vic's platelet count yesterday was 83 !!! but her hemo was 6.7. The doc approved chemo yesterday but she will get 3 units of blood today. Her white blood count is low at 1.5 so quasi-isolation will be the mandate for a while. As her platelets are now coming alive I will be giving her shots of Neupogen on Sat and Sun to boost the production of white blood cells that get trashed by the chemo. Technically, the platelet jump from 40 on Tue to 83 on Thur is quite a stretch...but not if prayers are answered! Thanks for all the prayers! Please keep going as Vic has a ways to go to get out of the danger zone. She worked yesterday, had chemo (Evansville) in the afternoon, got home in time to jump online for two of her master's classes. Up for labs with type/cross at the hospital 0800 then off to work for a bit. I say all of this only because the nurses at the onco office yesterday were talking about her schedule and asked me if she ever slows down? Nope. Her job(s) are to get well, work (doc's orders), and finish master's...I got the rest. Love this Lady!

Jan 20, 2015 4p

Today Vic was feeling a little punk, so she had her labs this morning (hemo  8.1, plates 40, WBC 1.8) so she is probably fatigued from treatment. Her trend shows a bottoming of labs 4 days after her second treatment in the series of three. Since her hemo is above 8 she will avoid blood transfusions for now. She worked today but when she came home she grabbed Kippy, blankets, and compression gloves to rest. Dr. Stephens reviewed her numbers and thinks all is good for chemo on Thur afternoon. She will work the rest of the week. Kippy is so, so happy when Mommy is home and where she belongs on the couch. Blessings abound! Please keep praying for platelets! My trend shows that if she keeps on course and is super productive in the marrow, she should have platelets above 80,000 by Feb 5. And, that is getting close to enough to have port surgery. 

Jan 16, 2015 12p 

Yesterday the labs before chemo were pretty much what we expected with hemo at 7.1 and platelets at 48. So, Vic will get two units of blood this evening to boost the hemoglobin and should have her home by 10p. Each chemo treatment kicks her numbers but she is getting closer to the time when the hits will not require transfusions....hopefully. Vic had class this morning and will enjoy a three day weekend...yippee! Thanks for the prayers! God is Good! This journey has shown us which friends are true and the goodness of unknown angels that have just shown up when least expected. We do not take God's goodness for granted and Thank Him each time something good happens that we cannot explain. Some people still frost my posterior with their inferior act of superior but I am learning that my interior is more important than their false exterior. I do not and will probably never tolerate fools lightly.   

Jan 14, 2015 4p 

It is really nice when things turn back to almost normal. Vic is plugging along doing great and taught class Mon, Tue, and today. She is pooped but after the Christmas break with little activity due to isolation her body is just finding its strength again. She is fairing the chemo pretty well with the usual side effects of numbness/tingling/burning in hands and feet (neuropathy), fatigue, joint pain and nausea. She tends to drop things and has a heck of a time opening things but otherwise....she just says "well crap" and moves on. These side effects have been there all along but seemed so unimportant when the bigger items were in the tank. We have been discussing how "normal" is such an evolution in this process. What we accept now as "normal" was driving us nuts earlier. New with this last chemo is watering eyes but the nose bleeds are rare but all preventative measures are in force daily. Chemo will still play with her blood numbers but hopefully she can soon produce enough cells to avoid additional transfusions. Her last transfusion was Jan 1. We know that a ton of friends are praying for Vicky every day and we know it is working. Thank You and please keep up the Prayers for Platelets! She will have chemo tomorrow afternoon in Evansville. 

Jan 9, 2015 5p

Well, today was simply wonderful. We arrived at the onco office early this morning, Vic had her labs drawn, and we waited in the patient room. Dr. Stephens walked in the room and said, "Vic, how would you feel about platelets at 56 thousand?" So, of course a tear rolled down her cheek. She has waited a long and hard time to hear those words. Now, before we get all "Mission Accomplished" over this, we have to remember the goal is 142,000. But, today was a GREAT day! We feel assured that the treatment is working, the bone marrow is producing stem cells, platelets, etc. and now the goal is to keep on keeping on without detours. Her hemo was up to 9.2 and she has not had a transfusion since Jan 1. White count is slightly better at 2.2 so we will stay in careful mode.  Please keep the prayers for platelets going....They Work!

We discussed getting a port put back in as Vic's right arm has been taking quite a beating since September with up to 4 big needle jabs for lab draws, transfusions, and treatments each week....not to mention having her blood pressure taken every 15-30 minutes during the day long transfusions...in the same arm. She has never complained once about the 60+ pokes but I have watched her flinch each time. And the total does not count the missed hits that require another try. Once her platelets get a little higher the surgery can commence without the need to push platelets before/during the procedure. Vic had her chemo treatment and was back to work this afternoon. 2015 is looking pretty good so far and we have great expectations! Thank You for all the prayers! God is Good!


Jan 6, 2015 4p

Quick trip to IU Indianapolis yesterday to see Vic's ENT, Dr. Ting. He gave her the green light to keep on keeping on with what she is doing to treat nose bleeds. The right nostril was too raw to do any cauterizing but he was pleased with her little bag of tricks that she carries 24/7. The plan will be to wait until the platelets get higher before any further cauterizing takes place. The fear is to burn a hole that causes more harm than good. As it has been the case for quite a while, PLATELETS are key. Vic starts work tomorrow and chemo on Fri morning. She is feeling good and ready to get back to the routine. Please keep the prayers for platelets coming! Thank You! (the selfie shows Vic enjoying the new "Downton Abbey" on her tablet enroute to Indy....so easy to please!) 

Jan 1, 2015 12p

Happy New Year! We wish all of our friends and family the very best in 2015! 

Vic got her first unit of three going by 8:20a so she should get home by late afternoon. It is amazing what can become normal in one's Life. With the flu going around being in the hospital is not a place anyone wants to visit but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Seeing isolation carts in the hall is never settling but we are as careful as possible. This was not exactly the best way to start a new year, but we know that the blessings in our Life are everywhere. Vic is strong in spirit and faith. We look forward to every single day and marvel that so many waste so many days that they are given. Vic inspires me every day and I know that she touches the lives of her students. 

Dec 31, 2014 5p 

A dear friend of Vic's that has known her for many years sent her a note that said she kept seeing Vic in the role of John Wayne in "True Grit" telling her disease to "Fill Your Hands You Son-of-a-Bit***" as she rode head strong towards it. I agree. Today Vic started feeling a little winded so she had her labs drawn and as usual, her hemo is low so she will be getting 3 units of blood tomorrow (and yes, I do keep count...this will make 46 units). As her white count is super low, please no visitors. Platelets held a bit at 37 but should climb over the next week as this is her week off chemo. She does feel pretty good overall and we know that the numbers are starting to climb in her favor. 

We will be off to Indy to see her ENT surgeon on Monday for a quick touch up with the silver nitrate sticks on the nostrils....what fun. 

Happy New Year to all our dear friends! May 2015 bring health and happiness to all! 

Dec 29, 2014 4p

Vicster is doing pretty good. A little laryngitis has crept in over the past few days as a result of the round 3 chemo treatment and possibly my prayers for peace and quiet (ha). She is feeling good and took Kippy for a short walk yesterday and today. We know that among the followers of this site are some that are on a similar path with Vic and so today we are going to dive into her nose bag that is never out of her reach 24/7. I have lost count of the number of products that we have tried, but a few have really made a difference in the nose bleed treatments. Once Vic's platelet count reaches a more normal level, we expect the nose bleeds to become less frequent but on chemo cycles they usually never go away completely. 

The chemo does its job by destroying cells that divide quickly and mucous membrane is one of the victims. Three rules govern controlling epistaxis (nose bleeds)...Moisture, Moisture, Moisture! Vic lives near a humidifier anytime she is in one place. We have 3 in the house, one at her office, and a portable for the car. Next is keeping the nostrils coated with a triple antibiotic ointment, such as Neosporin or Bacitracin (our choice as the zinc base keeps it from melting so fast). Our best find so far is a little product left over from the NASA space program of the 60's called "Ponaris Nasal Emollient". It is a natural oils based product without petroleum ingredients.  A quick swab up the nostrils with a soaked Q-tip has done wonders. 

Usually in the morning after a quick saline wash to clear the sinuses of any clots that have developed overnight the nose bleed starts. First reaction is patience. The common nose bleed for Vic is at the top of her anterior space in her nostrils. The membrane is easily cracked and once open, the path for arterial blood is just behind it. And, that flow is not a few drops, it comes out in a stream. Pressure on the soft part of the nose for 5-10 min is first. The Bleed Arrest Nasal Sponges do a great job in releasing their meds on the open spot and providing a barrier for clotting. Once they dissolve, the nostril can be packed more heavily with gauze strips or nose plugs coated with antibiotic ointment. Once the bleed has stopped, Vic squirts a little Afrin spray to the site to help it dry up. Then, more ointment on top. This will fall to most of you under the category of Too Much Information....sorry. Trust me when I tell you it is real important to those that are constantly on watch for the nose to act up. (Amazon has all the products that I have listed)

Dec 26, 2014 3p

Chemo day today and always get labs at onco office to see if Vic is good to go....really close this morning as her white count was down to 1.9 but the green light was given and in it went. As the treatment will likely drop it lower over the next week to under 1, she will be in isolation at home. Anytime I go out for anything, I shower and change clothes every time I come back in before getting near her. Even Kippy gets frequent baths, and all linens are on every other day change. Lysol spray and wipes are everywhere. On the GREAT news column, are that her platelets were up to 45! Yes, far from the normal of 142 but best for her in quite a while....especially while on round 3 of chemo. So, now that the marrow is cleaned out of bad, and unfortunately good cells, she now is at the point to fill up the marrow with stem cells, turn them into platelets, red cells, white cells, and hemoglobin. Go Team Platelets!!! Please keep praying. This is a very important fork in the road. God is Good and we have given this maneuver to him and his capable hands here on earth. Really nice extra Christmas present for Vic! Amen! Plus, a dear and long time friend of hers sat with her today while I ran some errands.

Dec 22, 2014 5p

Vic is doing good but got winded today so she had labs drawn and hemo is a record low for her at 5.4 but platelets held somewhat at 25. Considering she has been having some bleeding at night and the chemo hit, the numbers are ok. She will be spending tomorrow (or sooner) in the hospital getting 4 units of blood. That little 13 hour stay will get her in good shape for chemo on Friday. White count is down to 2.7 so we are being so careful to not have her exposed to any bugs that are so popular right now. Pic is her today enjoying Kippy on the couch. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and the awareness of all the blessings that we are given. 

Dec 19, 2014 3p

Meeting with Dr. Stephens went great. Vic's platelets are up to 38 which is a record after getting two units of blood last night. She had chemo and will go again Dec 26 which will be treatment three of the cycle. After the cycle, she will coast for two weeks before the next cycle. We had a great day! The two highlights were when Vic told the doc that she was actually feeling better, and then the most humbling experience awaited me in the lobby. While Vic was getting treatment, I needed to go grocery shopping and as I passed through the oncologist's lobby (not a real hot spot for "happy") I noticed an elderly lady who was waiting for, "God does know what". She was leaning over in the chair, reading her Bible through a huge magnifying glass and smiling! My view was a small bible, with a huge eyeball reading every word. I could see through her smile that her lips were reading silently. Nobody knows their tomorrow unless they know their eternity. I do not know what this lady was facing but I am certain she was facing it with a calm heart and a certainty that so many lack. Amen to her. Please keep Praying for Platelets! Vic has a ways to go but the chart tells the story...it is heading in the right direction! Can I get an Amen?     

Dec 18, 2014 4:30p 

So, at 5am, I hear an "oh crap" from the upstairs bathroom...I jump up to find Vic having a grade 4 nose bleed...which means it is pouring out. She jammed gauze up it, rested in the den for a couple hours, repacked it tight and off to work she went. Luckily the bleed stopped before lunchtime. This episode was really a surprise as she had been doing great with very little bleeding all week. As we were concerned that the bleed may be from low platelets, she stopped by the hospital to get labs. Turns out, the platelets were at 32 which is great for her, but the hemoglobin was low, so she is getting 2 units of blood this evening. Chemo is at 8:30am in Evansville tomorrow. This cowgirl is firmly planted in the saddle astride this Abraxane horse and it ain't gonna buck her off. Giddy Up! 

Dec 16, 2014 4:30p 

Today is going to be a single writing to Thank the incredible friends that have appeared in our Lives. I was out shopping today and two incredible angels came up to me with the most sincere look and asked, "How is Vicky doing?". And, when that question is asked it is so immediately obvious how much sincerity comes with it. Sometimes it is a nicety that is asked, and other times, the person stops, and you know that they are going to listen for however long it takes to answer their question. Then, when I get home, a flower arrangement is delivered from an angel that just appeared from adjacency but has become one of those people that has the credentials to touch your heart. Vicky is so appreciative for all the prayers, concerns, and kind gestures that flow her way. I have apologized so many times that we cannot go out and join in social activities but those that know understand. Thank You!  God is Good!

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