Christmas 2013 brought us our main wish....plenty of quiet relaxing time while Vic was out of school and away from studies for the semester.

We zipped up to Naperville to baby sit with the grandkids over New Year's Eve!

Had a great weekend (Nov 8-10) with the grandkids for the twin's 1st birthday!!! 

Vic's class of '73 in Christopher, IL never had a reunion until their 40th on Oct 25. Luckily all the classmates were spouse friendly!

Fall brings the annual ride with her sister. Oct 13-14 provided great weather. 

Rascal Flatts concert in Evansville on Oct 12 was in celebration of Vic's 10 year mark. 

Her favorite part of the evening was running into her oncologist, Dr. Stephens!

"1964 The Tribute" on Oct 4 was a pretty good concert in Evansville...(front row seats helped a bit). I had the pleasure of escorting 3 very attractive ladies.

Here Vic is doing her Ray Charles impression with Linda.

Listening to "Hudson and the Hoo Doo Cats" at St. Charles' art fair.

Sept 14-15...great weekend in St. Louis with friends. Took in the art show in St. Charles and then headed off to the Michael Buble concert....nice! 

Aug 23 found us enjoying dinner and Travis Tritt concert in Paducah, KY with friends Rex and Linda. 

Keni also felt that we should renew our vows of a decade ago. She officiated, Ash was the photog. What fun! 

July 27 found us headed to Destin, FL to enjoy a week of beach fun. Keni and Ryan went with us and Ashley and Shaun flew in.

The weather was mostly good except for the day we decided to go on a guided tour of dolphin watching on waverunners....yipee! 

The waves hit 6+ ft and the rain was really fun at 20 mph!

St. Louis Zoo Jun 3

Quick trip to check out a couple of canoe trips in the Ozarks...fun (Jun 18-20). Vicky and Kippy liked it until we flipped!

GG having fun with the babies when we went to help the kids move May 1-4


Enjoying a nice steak dinner with friends, Dee and Linda, before heading to the theater on Apr 12.  

First trip to the cabin this year on Apr 5-7...and, Yes, she wins...again. But, I was the guide and fish handler. Left one is 2.3 lbs and right one is 3.3 lbs.

Enjoyed a relaxing vacation to Destin, FL Mar 2-8. Temps were cool but Vic found time to enjoy the beach and birds.