The twins (Landon and Madison) were born on Nov 7....major congrats to Mike & Leslie !

Vic loving the time with the grandbabies over Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve! GG is her name.

We did a little shopping downtown Denver and enjoyed "Jersey Boys" at the Buell with Jan. (I really do think that the guy in the orange shirt with Vic ate her slim husband!)

Side trip to Estes Park got Vic in the swing of vacation with cool streams and an Elk that she tried to stare down....the Elk won.

Grabbed a quick road trip to Colorado July 25 to Aug 2. Vic always enjoys a good shopping trip with Ash! 

We attended the American Idol Tour concert in St. Louis on July 11...what fun.

Dee and Linda helped me protect Vic from any bumps in the crowds.


As usual, Vic and Keni looked great at Keni's now sister-in-law's wedding on June 2.

End of May we slipped down to Austin, Texas to attend a wedding...what fun!

May 22, Vic was awarded "Outstanding Nurse Educator" at the "Nurses Make A Difference" awards banquet in Evansville. Nominations for the Tri-State area were submitted to a blind panel of medical professionals who then selected the top three nominees of the five categories. The nominees, along with guests, were invited to the banquet. Mark Elliott (WIKY-FM) was the emcee. Along with the award came gift certificates from various sponsors. 

Vic had a great time when we went up to visit Mike, Leslie, and Logan in Naperville, IL (May 18-20)

Kippy and Logan played a game of chicken ... Logan finally crawled off as Kip never left his bed...as he was told.   

May 11 Vic gave the commencement speech at the Frontier Community College graduation ceremonies. 

April we grabbed a couple of laid back weekends at the cabin. Kippy "LOVES"  his ice cream!

On the 13th  Keni had gallbladder surgery and of course our best nurse was on the case with our second best nurse. 

Pleased to report it all went well! Keni is recovering but has learned "first-hand" about patient care. 

March 20 found Vic enjoying a girl's night out to see Elton John.



Vic's sister, Mary, became the proud Mommy of two new doggies, "Gracie" and "Harold". Kippy was very happy to go see his cousins.




March 3-9 (Vic's Spring break) we headed to Orange Beach, Alabama to get away. Unfortunately, side effects of the new meds kicked in and Vic spent a few days on the couch.

On the way, we stopped to visit with Vic's Aunt Sue and family in Mobile, AL.