We were able to grab tickets to see Vince Gill and Amy Grant in concert to get in the Holiday spirit.

The month was capped off with a New Year's weekend trip to Naperville to play with Logan. 

Mike and Leslie are doing a fantastic job!  Vic is "GiGi" (hard G's) 

Vic prepared all the table decorations for the reception of 300. Wedding was beautiful and Keni and Ryan made us so proud. 


November brought us a major Thanksgiving! Kendall's wedding was the Saturday after Thanksgiving and we were blessed to have the entire family in for the holiday. 

Vic did a fantastic job of preparing the weekend with plenty of food for all. The memories that were created will linger in our home forever.


Because she caught a bigger fish, October was maybe the last time Steve will take her fishing. She caught this 5 lb 11 oz bass...the biggest of the weekend. 

But, great weather and great relaxation made it all worthwhile. And, Kippy had a great time.


Vicky's sister, Mary, took her for a long weekend ride over the President's Day weekend. What fun they had...Thanks Mary!

    Alison Krauss and Union Station was a great concert. 



Vicky really enjoys playing with our new little "awesome" grandson...Logan Michael Lemons.

Mike and Leslie are doing a GREAT job making sure the little guy enjoys his first months.




Last hoorah for the summer we spent a week (Aug 7-13) at Kentucky lake before Vic starts school.

Kippy had a blast. He got his first swimming lesson and loved the pontoon boat. 


Went to see the American Idol tour concert in St. Louis on July 31. 

Yes, James should have won but Stefano and Haley did great at the concert...as did James. Scotty was good but...oh well.



Vic's LPN class of 2010-2011

May 2011 was busy for Vic. She was blessed with a trip to Naples FL with her great friend Debbie. Of course that meant shopping, sunning, and more shopping.

When she returned we headed to Naperville, IL to see our new grandbaby boy - Logan Michael Lemons.  Mike, Leslie, and Logan are doing great. 

As soon as Spring break hit Vic's schedule on Mar 4, we headed to Venice, FL via one night at Gaylord resort for Opry. Packed house as Blake Shelton and Carrie Underwood were performing. The weather in Venice was awesome with temp's in the low 80's most days. Beach, and more beach was our plan. As usual, Vic was on the prowl for gators in the wild and of course she found them. A couple in a kayak came by a mother gator and her babies and despite our warning, they got too close and Mamma gator let them know it was her turf with a big splash. The couple paddled on down the stream and you could hear the wife chastising her hubby. 

Steve tried to pay for the trip by combing the beaches with his detector but $1.56 was the net. It was worth the effort just to hear Vic laugh at how stupid he looked.

Vic caught a pic of a circular rainbow around the sun. Great trip.

We pulled off a surprise dance party for Vic on Feb 12 !!!

There were over 70 in attendance and we raised $975 for Susan G. Komen.

Thank You so much for everyone that attended, donated, and helped make this happen.