Hauling in a 4 lb bass made her day (Oct 30)

Susan G Komen Race for the Cure - Evansville, IN  - Sept 25, 2010

Thanks to all the gals that made Vicky's day so special !

July found us in Chicago visiting Mike and Leslie....plenty of great food, great visit  and Ikea!

August we ventured to Kentucky Lake for a rather warm (heat index over 112) visit. Fishing and wave runner made it fun.

Somewhere in the mix, Vic went on a wine tour with friends.

June brought us a two week trip to Colorado with a side stop at the St. Louis zoo. We visited Ashley, Shaun, Jan, and family. We ventured into the mountains and enjoyed Buena Vista with ghost towns, white water rafting, standing in the snow at Cottonwood Pass and plenty of cold water streams. The month was capped off with Vic joining her sister for a few days of horseback riding in Southern Illinois. (Thank You Mary!)

Graduation (now 2 RN's reside here)  Cardinal's game with Debbie (Thank You!), fishing with Keni and fun with Sis... busy May

Easter in lemon yellow :-) 

Quick trip to Nashville, TN in March during Vic's Spring Break. Gaylord Resort, Music Row, and Grand Ole Opry

   Dancing at the hospital Gala in January