Christmas 2008 pics with Keni, Sis, and me...maybe too much on the red sweaters?



This year Vic was a presenter at the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in Evansville, IN. (Sept 21,2008) 

You can watch her presentation by clicking here ->    (30MB file)



A quick trip to Springfield on business for both of us gave us the chance to spend a couple of days acting like tourists. (Sep 2008)

Pic of us in front of Lincoln's home and inside the Lincoln Museum.


Trip #3 to Venice, FL.

Schedules made it necessary to push up our trip to end of June. It was a bit warm, but Vicky managed to find fun at the beach.


Vicky was leading the way at a party in late April '08. Plus, Vic and Keni getting ready for a '70's party. 

Trip #2 to Venice, FL happened in April '08 to visit what is quickly becoming our favorite getaway.

Busch Gardens and more beach time was all that it took to make it a great trip.

After work on Jan 4, we headed to Venice, Florida to spend a week.

Wow. Got there and extended our stay and did not arrive back home until

January 17... neither of us have ever had such a long vacation.

Thanks to Jan, Heather, and Jim for the use of their condo.

A vacation of a lifetime.

Also thanks to Kendall for taking such good care of Kippy, the office, and the home front.