Getting ready for the Holidays 2004!   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Busy working a convention in Florida (Nov '04) (Thanks to Mercy for the pic!)

Vicky was involved in the hospital's Teddy Bear Clinic on Nov 16. Local kids were allowed to bring in their teddy bears for surgery in the operating room. She is pictured here with the surgical staff.

Pics from new home 7-27-04  Vic has been busy "Vicky'izing" the place. What an eye.

Vic with her sister's dogs....having a great swinging time...

Relay For Life event on Friday night 6-25-2004

By the end of July, we should be residing in this 1920's beauty. The home is very near downtown and the schools. Steve knew the homeowners who lived in the home for 38 years and they have kept this home in excellent shape.  

Vic's sorority put on a fund raiser dinner on 5-15-04 that raised over $7,000 for American Cancer Society. (Steve was a waiter)

Vic's Grandmother Johnson's 90th birthday party on April 25, 2004


We were honored to open the church's 2004 Easter service at the high school.


Vic enjoying riding at her sister's on Feb 27, 2004